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แบ ล็ ค โคล เวอร์ ตอน ที่ 47

Updated: 10:48 EDT

New York City actor Michael K. Williams's (bottom right) final social media post - posted six days before he died of a suspected heroin overdose - was a video of comedian and actor Tracy Morgan saying, 'Don't cry for me,' (left) after Morgan's near-fatal limousine crash in 2014. The beloved HBO actor was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment (inset) Monday afternoon. His family and nephews (top right) are left grieving. One of his nephews Arvance Williams told DailyMail.com, 'You guys know him as the actor, we know him as Uncle Mike. We love him.' Michael Williams took on 'tough-guy' and 'thug' roles in HBO series - most notably 'The Wire,' which ran from 2002 to 2008 - after someone slashed his face with a razor during a barroom fight on his 25th birthday.

GOP Rep. claims State Department tried to SABOTAGE Texas family's Afghanistan escape: Mother and three kids were forced to bribe Taliban at TWENTY checkpoints until they reached border?

Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin is not only accusing the State Department of overstating its role in the rescue of four Americans from Afghanistan, but claims it actively tried to stop it. He told CNN on Tuesday that while the State Department did eventually step in to greet American mother Mariam and her three young children, but only after two weeks of intense pushback. Others involved in the daring rescue, including a combat veteran who spoke with Mariam face-to-face in the Middle East, are also calling out the Biden agency for its claim to have helped. When reached by DailyMail.com, the State Department declined to comment.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken toured a Qatar processing center on Tuesday and said Afghan evacuees and refugees won't be vetted until they arrive in the U.S.

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NEW For the first time in over two months, COVID-19 cases have declined over a two week period, signaling a potential end to the Delta variant-fueled summer surge of the virus.

Michele Cox, of Casa Grande, was fatally shot in the chest on Friday after her five-year-old son got ahold of a handgun. Although police ruled the shooting accidental, her brother seeks justice.

Ben MacFarlane is a doctor who brings poorly patients home from disasters. He's been flying through the pandemic and as planes have been half-empty has had time to learn crew secrets...

Harrowing unseen footage from 9/11 attacks: New doc shows moment couple with baby struggle with decision to flee or stay put as dust and debris envelops their building six blocks from Ground Zero?

9/11: Life Under Attack, a 90 minute British documentary featuring unseen footage,?provides an inside perspective to life in NYC on September 11, 2001. Anthony and Kyra Paris (pictured holding infant), with their new baby Daschiel, were at their apartment six blocks from Ground Zero when the twin towers were struck. Never-before-seen footage shows their panic as bodies all from the World Trade Center and debris begins to envelope their neighborhood. The documentary features footage from first responders, military, private citizens, air traffic control, commercial airlines, private phone calls and more. It airs in the UK tonight at 9pm BST.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was criticized?Monday by Gov. Gavin Newsom supporters over his views on racism in America, calling him 'a black face on white supremacy.'

Body-positive influencer Mik Zazo, from?Columbus, Ohio, hit out at the UK-based fast fashion giant for using her trademark phrase on one of the biggest digital billboard screens in Europe.

Mu variant detected in every U.S. state except Nebraska

The Mu variant has been detected in 49 U.S. states, with the exception of Nebraska, and has been considered to be more transmissible and vaccine resistant than the Delta variant, according to the World Health Organization. Florida and California have reported 384 Mu variant cases, which is the highest amongst the other U.S. states. Alaska previously had the highest number with 146 variant cases, four percent of the state's sample size. Dr Anthony Fauci (left) commented on the Mu varaint claiming that it would not be the next dominant strain as it is not considered an 'immediate threat' at the moment.

Anti-vaxx hecklers have shouted abuse and even death threats at Trudeau throughout his campaign ahead of the September 20 election. He is lagging behind his conservative opposition in the polls.

The communist Caribbean island of 11.2 million people aims to inoculate all its children before reopening schools that have been closed for the most part since March 2020.

U.S. airports were packed over the Labor Day weekend as 7.2 million people passed through the TSA checkpoint which nearly doubled passenger numbers from the previous year during the pandemic

A substitue teacher at at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain's Edge, in Las Vegas, allegedly?'humiliated' the boy by secured the mask to his face using tape in front of the whole class.

Biden says he is convinced Democrats will back his infrastructure bill before flying to NY

The Bidens are getting back to work on Tuesday as President Joe Biden heads to New York and New Jersey to review Hurricane Ida damage and the first lady readies to greet her new students at Northern Virginia Community College. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden returned to the White House on Monday night after spending Labor Day in Delaware handing out sandwiches to union members - as more than seven million Americans lost their federal COVID pandemic unemployment benefits. Biden?made a surprise visit to an electrical workers' union hall on Labor Day where he was all smiles socializing with blue collar workers.?A casually dressed President stepped from his dark SUV holding boxes of sandwiches from Capriotti's, a restaurant chain founded in Wilmington, in his home state of Delaware, in 1976. Wearing Ray-Ban sun shades, Biden put the boxes on a table alongside other food at an event held by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 313 in New Castle, Delaware. He shook hands and chatted with the group of mostly men, who were clad in jeans and union T-shirts. Biden spent several minutes chatting with the union members in groups before asking them to join him for sandwiches from a Delaware-founded fast casual chain that were provided for the event. But it came as more than 7million Americans lost their federal unemployment benefits and an additional 3million will stop receiving a $300 weekly boost on checks as emergency COVID payments expire.

The number of Americans who still need evacuation from Afghanistan could be as high as 1,000, a GOP lawmaker revealed in contradiction to Biden's claim there are only 100 U.S. citizens left stranded.

Legal dynasty heir PUSHED OUT of law firm over missing millions day before he reported

Alex Murdaugh (left and center) has been accused of misusing millions while working at law firm PMPED, it was announced Monday night. Murdaugh was pushed out from his job as an attorney at the firm (whose office is pictured bottom right) on Friday, the day before he was shot in the head while changing the tire of his Mercedes SUV in Hampton County, South Carolina (top right). He suffered superficial wounds and is expected to recover from them, with no arrests made. A PMPED spokesman told the New York Times that a forensic accountant and police had been notified over the missing cash. No further details were given on exactly how much was taken, a timespan for the alleged misuse, and how it came to light. Murdaugh, who has gone into drug treatment center for substance abuse, hit the headlines three months ago when his wife Maggie and son Paul (pictured center with Alex) were found shot dead at the family's hunting lodge. No arrests have been made, and investigators have yet to share a motive. Paul, 22, has been linked to the deaths of two 19 year-olds in Hampton County, in 2015 and 2019, and was awaiting trial over the 2019 death of Mallory Beach, who died after a boat Paul was driving crashed. The Murdaughs are members of a powerful legal dynasty which has produced multiple district attorneys in the area in which they live.?

Bryan Riley, a 33-year-old former Marine who murdered a family of four at random in their Florida home, has confessed to the crimes, according to an affidavit, and said he is 'a sick guy'.

Andrea Constand's memoir - detailing her 2004 sexual assault by Bill Cosby; the criminal trials against him; and the subsequent overturning of his conviction - is published on Tuesday.

Taraji, 50, took to Instagram on Monday to share a video of the five-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee along with a caption which read: 'Rest well my friend. JESUS!!! You will be missed deeply.'

While fans around the world have been mourning the loss of beloved actor Michael K. Williams, rapper 50 Cent came under fire for two insensitive Instagram posts that were deleted.

Monica Lewinsky says she needs 'a lot more therapy' after seeing 'the worst moments of her life' dredged up in Impeachment: American Crime Story

Monica, 48, discussed the upcoming FX series, which premieres tonight, and which will go into details about her affair with then-President Clinton. The former White House intern served as a producer on the show, in which she is played by actress Beanie Feldstein. During an appearance on the Today show, Lewinsky admitted that it was hard to 'wear two hats' both as a producer on the series and as its main subject. She told Savannah Guthrie that she is incredibly 'nervous' to watch 'a lot of behavior that I regret' being played out on the screen. Lewinsky also said she hopes the Ryan Murphy-led show will offer a different side to the story and help people?understand more about what really happened. When asked whether she hopes former President Clinton will watch the show, Lewinsky said she 'didn't know'. She did however note that while she no longer feels the 'need for resolution', she thinks that Clinton should 'want to apologize' for the hurt he caused her.

Fresh off her improbable upset of top-seeded Ash Barty at the US Open, Shelby Rogers says she now fears an onslaught of criticism and '9 million death threats' following her loss to Emma Raducanu.

The finger-severing accident that INXS's lead guitarist says ended his career and cost him more than $1.2million has been likened to sticking a knife in a live toaster

Missing Florida woman, 23, is found dead in canal as her mother's friend, 45, is arrested

The body of Perrin Damron, 23, (pictured, left) was found in a canal in Indiantown, Florida, on Monday morning after the suspect led detectives to her body. The mother-of-one had been reported missing on Saturday after she failed to pick up her two-year-old child. Detectives visited family friend Eric William Westergard, 45, (pictured, right) of Jupiter Farms, at his residence and some physical evidence was recovered at his home. Westergard led detectives to an overpass over the Okeechobee waterway at Highway 710 where they recovered Damron's body and he was taken into custody at approximately 1.30am on Monday and charged with first-degree murder.

A 34-year-old man was killed and five injured when a man opened fire at 12.30am Tuesday at the Enigma Club & Lounge in Wichita, Kansas. Police say the suspect is still at large.

PICTURED: Home where comedian Fuquan Johnson died 'after taking fentanyl-laced cocaine'

The Los Angeles property where three people died after taking fentanyl-laced cocaine is rented by comedian Kate Quigley, it has been revealed.? Fellow comics Enrico Colangeli, 48, and?Fuquan Johnson, 42, died alongside their friend Natalie Williamson, 33, at the home on Friday night after allegedly ingesting the lethal drugs.? Quigley, 39, was also inside the residence and similarly snorted the narcotic. She remains in hospital as of Tuesday morning.?

In a recent court hearing, Minnesota State Patrol Major Joseph Dwyer said he and a 'vast majority of the agency' deleted their texts after the widespread protests last summer.

A simple five minute breathing trick first thing in the morning will reduce stress and improve productivity during the day, an Australian expert has revealed.?

People from around the world took to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the realities of co-parenting with an ex-partner - including one who says their ex is more focused on money,

Screenshots posted on Imgur showing a conversation between US woman, Claudia, and a dog sitter quickly went viral due to the owner's 'crazy' demands for looking after her dog, Junie.

Ahmad Massoud, the son of the legendary freedom fighter Ahmad Shah 'the Lion of Panjshir,' tweeted:?'We are in Panjshir and our Resistance will continue' (pictured: the Taliban celebrating victory in the valley, main; a map of the region, inset; and protests against the Taliban break out in Kabul today, right). The Sandhurst and King's College London graduate said he was safe but did not give any details of his whereabouts. The Taliban claims he has fled to Turkey and allege that his ally the?former vice president Amrullah Saleh has sought refuge in Tajikistan. Neither claim can be verified nor can the Taliban's assertion that it has wrestled absolute control of the Panjshir. Massoud, 32, released an audio message to the media on Monday vowing that his militia would fight on and called on all Afghans for 'a national uprising for the dignity, freedom and prosperity of our country.' The jihadists on Monday unfurled their white banner over the provincial capital Bazarak, but although they may have seized control of the major arteries through the Panjshir, the resistance can still wage a guerilla war

Ramstein Air Base in south west Germany has received around a fifth of all those evacuated on U.S. military flights out of Afghanistan - and an estimated 14,900 people remained as of Sept 1.

140 U.S. soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division landed in Fort Drum in NY on Monday after being deployed in Afghanistan for nine months and reunited with friends and family members

ABBA star Benny Andersson's son Ludvig has revealed that the band didn't show 'any nerves' during the first recordings for their new album Voyage, with the project quickly 'snowballing' as soon as they reunited. The band made up of Agnetha F?ltskog, 71, Bj?rn Ulvaeus, 76, Benny, 74, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 75, are releasing their first new songs for 40 years in the form of a studio album and will play a 'greatest hits' tour as digital characters. In a new interview Ludvig, 39, - who will help produce the upcoming shows - said that 'it was as if they'd just walked out the door from 1979' when they reunited following their four-decade-long hiatus.

The Chinese mission involved 10 J-16 and four Su-30 fighters, as well as four nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft according to Taiwan's Defence Ministry.

The National Unity Government (NUG), composed primarily of elected legislators who were barred from taking their seats after a military coup in February, vows to depose the military junta

California couple are shot dead in row over a parking space

Juan Guizar-Gutierrez, 39, and his girlfriend Marciela Honorato, 44, were shot dead on Saturday night while trying to park outside her daughter's home in Long Beach. According to Marciela's sister, the pair were confronted by another driver who grew impatient with them while they were trying to find a spot.

Riddle of Australia's boy in the bush: Professional bush tracker is brought in to solve mystery of missing three-year-old who was found after four days and reveals he CAN'T rule out foul play

A professional bush tracker is trying to help solve the mystery of how a three-year-old boy was able to survive for four days in the Australian bush. Jake Cassar (left, circled) said he could not rule out foul play and that, among other scenarios, he was considering whether AJ Elfalak (inset and right) had been abducted. The young child was found on Monday after helicopters spotted him drinking water from a creek (right) just 500m from his home. The area had been thoroughly searched after he went missing on Friday, leading experts and his family to question whether AJ travelled or been taken somewhere else before returning to the spot. 'I'm here to keep an open mind,' Mr Cassar told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday from the Elfalaks' home in Putty, 150km northwest of Sydney. He has been there since Saturday, volunteering his expertise to help untangle the riddle of AJ's disappearance. 'The way I see it, if you've got two feet and a heartbeat, anything is possible,' Mr Cassar said. 'Doesn't matter if you're a 97-year-old woman or a three-year-old boy.' A police investigation into the disappearance is ongoing.

El Salvador made history after becoming the first nation to adopt bitcoin as a legal currency. President Nayib Bukele (pictured) spearheaded the initiative, which he said will save the country billions of dollars.

The iconic Christopher Columbus statue on?Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City is to be removed and replaced with a sculpture of an indigenous Olmec woman?by Mexican artist.

Plans for Telosa City that promises to be eco-friendly, drought-resistant are unveiled

Plans for a new desert city?that promises to be?eco-friendly, drought-resistant, and have all amenities within 15 minutes of every home have been?unveiled by former Walmart executive Marc Lore. Futuristic metropolis Telosa City is set to cost $400 billion to build and will host a population of up to five million across 150,000 acres. Known as a '15-minute city design', the blueprint?includes?plans for residents to be able to reach their place of work, education, and other amenities within quarter of an hour of their residence. Lore has described the city as a 'new model for society' as it includes plans for a new form of governance and named the futuristic utopia after the Greek word for 'higher purpose' - Telos. Planners are targeting areas of desert in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and the Appalachian region as potential building sites and are hoping to?approach state officials 'very soon'.

Sickening moment Russian pedophile buys sweets for two ten-year-old schoolgirls who he would go on to 'rape and kill'?

A disturbing video (left and right) shows a convicted paedophile buying sweets for two young girls before reportedly raping and killing them. Viktor Pesternikov (top right inset), 41, was seen with schoolgirls Ulyana Degtyar (top centre inset) and Anastasia Fesler (bottom centre inset), both 10, on shop CCTV footage in the Siberian region of Kemerovo, Russia. A saleswoman working in the shop said the two girls referred to Pesternikov as 'Uncle Vitya'. Pesternikov, a part-time driver, had previously served a 10 year sentence for 'paedophile offences,' according to law enforcement. He was arrested on Tuesday and admitted in a police video to buying the two girls sweets and soft drinks. When asked why he bought sweets for the girls, the married father-of-two replied:?'I just gave them a treat. 'They asked for sunflower seeds,?I bought them soft drinks.' Pesternikov initially claimed that he had then taken the children to feed pigeons before they went their separate ways. He later confessed to raping and suffocating the two girls, whose bodies were found in an abandoned house, reports citing law enforcement officials said.

Shoes thought to have belonged to Michelangelo were analysed by experts from the Forensic Anthropology, Paleopathology, Bioarchaeology (FABAP) Research Center in Sicily.

Footage shows the Great Blue Heron reaching down in a Central Park pond and grabbing the dead rat with its beak on Sunday morning before throwing its head back and swallowing it whole.

Actor Simu Liu throws a perfect strike and performs a BACKFLIP on the mound during first pitch at San Francisco Giants game as his movie Shang-Chi breaks box office records

While his hit Marvel Studios movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was breaking box office records, Simu Liu was dazzling fans in San Francisco. The 32-year-old actor threw out the ceremonial first pitch Sunday afternoon at Oracle Park before the San Francisco Giants took on the Los Angeles Dodgers. The actor, who filmed several scenes for Shang-Chi in various neighborhoods of San Francisco, not only delivered a perfect strike... but also wowed fans with a backflip on the mound.

Footage captured in?Cohasset, Massachusetts, shows the young man dive into the water and land on a basking shark as his friends gasp and cheer him on. As the sea creature swims away the man raises his arms into the air in triumph. A second man leaps into the water before the pair swim back to the boat and one person is heard shouting: 'Oh my god that was sick!' Following the scenes horrified viewers took to social media to criticise the stunt, with one saying the shark sighting had been 'ruined by people trying to be cool'.

Walking along a riverbank, or a stroll through a forest can have psychological benefits, but a new study by Anglia Ruskin University in?Cambridge explored whether images could do the same.

A tricky 15-question general knowledge quiz has stumped users of US trivia website Quizly. Topics in the challenge include literature, history and technology.


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Ant Anstead celebrates son's birthday party with Renee Zellweger

They have been dating for just three months. But Renee Zellweger took another big step in her relationship with Ant Anstead, 42, as she celebrated his son's second birthday. The actress, 52, was present at Hudson's birthday bash, where she took part in a water fight and watched the youngster unwrap his presents.

Militant vegan Tash Peterson earns $40,000 a month on OnlyFans and stormed Louis Vuitton,

Tash Peterson was charged with disorderly conduct after she allegedly interrupted shoppers at the high-end store at Raine Square in Perth's CBD on August 21 yelling: 'If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser'. She will?face Perth Magistrates Court in mid-September and believes she will be hit with a $6,000 fine, but the 27-year-old is unfazed and believes the alleged demonstration was a wild success.

The ID. Life concept is a teaser for the ID.1 or ID.2 compact crossover model set to sit below the already-on-sale ID.3 hatchback from 2025 and will provide up to 248 miles of range on a full charge.

The original black-and-white film footage was shot by Australian zoologist David Fleay in 1933, just years before the species went extinct. The film has now been colourised and released

Bangra bandits! CCTV captures bizarre moment two thieves start dancing while ransacking a shop in India

CCTV footage shows the two thieves stop for an impromptu dance while they ransack a grocery store in Kherwara in the Udaipur district, western India, on September 4. During the clip, the shoplifters, who were inside the store for around 20 minutes, search for items before raising their arms in the air and beginning to dance. They stole more than £1,000 worth of goods, including nuts, cigarettes and tobacco.

New online archive lets users discover Victorian photos taken on their street

One heart-breaking image (left), taken on a London street in 1895, shows a 'dancing' bear holding a stick in the crook of its paw. The photo is one of more than 300,000 images taken in cities, towns and villages up and down the country during the 19th and 20th century which are newly-available on ancestry website Findmypast. Members can search for photos by inputting a location, date or key word. Another image (right), taken in Greenwich, south-east London, in 1884, shows a small barefoot boy selling 'Bryant & May' matches. A third image (inset), also taken in Greenwich, shows a pensive chimney sweep posing side-on with his tools balanced on his shoulder. The photo of the man was taken in 1884, 20 years after it became illegal for children to be sent up chimneys.

The operation, conducted at the Soroka Medical Centre in Beersheba, required months of preparation and involved dozens of experts from Israel and abroad, the hospital said on Sunday.

Dozy dog! Great Dane Oliver jumps backwards every time his owner 'snores' in hilarious footage?

Footage shows the curious Great Dane named Oliver stare at his owner as he tries to sleep at his home in Bristow, Oklahoma. But Oliver quickly jolts backwards when his owner decides to release a series of snoring sounds in an effort to scare his dog away. As the canine draws closer once more, the owner snores again and watches with amusement as Oliver jumps backwards and runs away.

FILE - In this Aug. 10, 2021, file photo, a man wearing a face mask walks past the offices of Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba in Beijing. E-commerce giant Alibaba Group said Friday, Sept. 3, 2021, it will spend $15.5 billion to support President Xi Jinping's campaign to spread China's prosperity more evenly, adding to pledges by tech companies that are under pressure to pay for the ruling Communist Party's political initiatives. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File)

Prosecutors declined to charge him after an investigation determined that his behavior didn't constitute a criminal offense of 'forcible indecency'

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Moment New Zealand farmer's son, 14, rescues lamb trapped down a 7ft hole after sliding head-first under a huge rock with his father holding his legs

Corban Denize, 14, decided to lodge his head into a small hole in an effort to rescue the trapped lamb on his farmland near Waitomo, New Zealand, on August 29. Footage shows the teenager burrow into the hole and try to find the helpless creature as his father Brendan holds onto his legs. Just moments later, he emerges from the 7ft hole holding a two-day-old lamb by one leg. Father Brendan said he and his children initially made sheep sounds to check for life inside the hole but when they didn't hear anything a 'sixth sense' and a 'feeling they hadn't done enough' pulled them back to the hole and they decided to investigate further.

From left, Emirati Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence Omar Sultan al-Olama, Majid Al Futtaim CEO Alain Bejjani and Majid Al Futtaim Retail CEO Hani Weiss leave Carrefour's new cashier-less grocery store in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday, Sept. 6, 2021. The Middle East on Monday got its first completely automated cashier-less store, as retail giant Carrefour rolled out its vision for the future of the industry in a cavernous Dubai mall. (AP Photo/Isabel DeBre)

At the new Carrefour City+ shop in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates, sensors and cameras tracks customers as they fill their carts. After they leave, the system pings them with a receipt for their purchases.

Allan Carver, a former ad exec in Halifax, Nova Scotia, creates DIY vehicles and contraptions, like a miniature VW bus, a rideable TIE fighter, and a 'flying' broom from an electric scooter.

All about that base: Daredevil parachutist throws himself off England's highest mountain Scafell Pike before descending safely to ground in base jumping first

Shocking video shows the moment a team carries out a BASE jump from the highest point in Cumbria.In the video, the man carefully positions himself on the edge of famous Scafell Pike before expertly navigating his way through the Lake District skies using his parachute. The footage was captured by the team at Mountain Man Base who are a community of extreme sport professionals pioneering new jump locations all over the UK. They use the word 'exit' to describe a place where they are able to leap into the descent. A member of the team said: 'Discovering new exits is challenging but very exciting also.'


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Do roo want a piece of me? Hilarious moment a feisty kangaroo picks a fight with a HAMMOCK hanging from a garden swing set

A feisty kangaroo has been filmed trying to fight a hammock - punching and kicking out at the hanging fabric. The amusing footage from South Australia was shared on Facebook on Monday, and shows marsupial sizing up the hammock, which is hanging from a garden swing.? The boxing kangaroo bobs and weaves while jumping out of the way of the swinging seat, before throwing jabs and kicks.?

Tasmania siblings born two years apart discover they are actually twins

Growing up, Sarah Sargent, 18, from Tasmania, said she had absolutely no idea that her older sibling Will, 20, was her twin brother until two years ago when her parents officially told them. The siblings were conceived on the same day, at the same time through IVF, from the same batch of embryos - but instead of being implanted at the same time, Sarah was 'kept in the freezer' for a further 18 months. Pictured left: The Sargent siblings as children.



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